Sunday, March 5, 2017

Slice Five - Free Advice

When it comes to getting pregnant, everyone seems to be an expert.  Throughout our experience, beloved family members, friends, co-workers, and even relative strangers were always happy to offer a little free advice!

"Stay out of hot tubs!"

"Make sure you don't keep your phone in your pocket or have your laptop on your lap for too long."

"You know, you probably shouldn't ride rollercoasters any more."

"You might want to try a round of antibiotics."

"Have you thought about going on vacation?  Oh you have...  Maybe a different vacation then?"

"Perhaps a nice dinner and a bottle of wine will help."

"Definitely try standing on your head for a bit!"

"I read somewhere that drinking a cup of whole milk every day will increase your chances."

"You should just stop trying.  That's when it will happen."

"Go ahead and fill out some adoption paperwork.  My brother's friend's sister's aunt did that and then had a baby!"

And my personal favorite:  "It will happen if you just RELAX!"


  1. Oh, yes. Everybody's an expert! My favorite is advice from those who haven't done/experienced something themselves. *insert eye roll emoji here*

  2. Wow! I laughed out loud...well, I can't help you out here. I've never been pregnant. You wouldn't want to listen to me, anyway! lol
    So happy for you and your new family, Lori!!!!!