Monday, March 6, 2017

Slice Six - Hormones

A student once randomly asked me in class, "Mrs. Smith, what are hormones?"  Before I could compose myself and devise an age and school appropriate reply, another student stepped in with this brilliant response:

"Hormones are those feelings inside that don't make sense when you're feeling them."

Well said, young wise one...well said.

Even adults, unfortunately, have to deal with hormones.  Sometimes when my husband is particularly moody, I tease him that he's being "hormonal."  As a female, it's much, much worse.

For nine long, grueling months of our infertility process I took the fertility drug, Clomid, and the "feelings inside that don't make sense" completely took over my life!  I cried at anything and everything.  Literally...everything.  Baby commercials, commercials about dogs, memes on Facebook, bible verses, billboards, 80's rock ballads - you name it.  But then sometimes, amidst the crying, I would start hysterically laughing for no reason.  I remember one day crying on the couch and laughing at myself for crying, but not being able to control either emotion.  It was a nightmare!

Thankfully, when the Clomid treatments were over, I regained my sense of self.  And though the hormones did not serve their intended purpose, at least they reminded me to have just a little empathy for my precious hormone-driven students!

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  1. My youngest child causes me to feel some of those same emotions.