Friday, March 3, 2017

Slice Three - Genetics

A human being is comprised of precisely twenty-three neatly packed, meticulously organized pairs of microscopic genetic instructions called chromosomes.  In order to create life, each set must be perfect, flawless.  Even one minute imperfection could prevent life all together or in some cases cause irreversible physical or cognitive damage.

My precious little sister is mentally handicapped - her condition likely the result of a chromosomal abnormality.  Aaron's uncle (on his mother's side) also faced mental and physical challenges during his lifetime resulting from some small, seemingly insignificant alteration in his own genetic structure.

Twenty-three pairs of genetic code, too small to even see, can make such tremendous impact in the formation of our existence.

For this reason, our road to parenthood began quietly, secretively, with a single blood draw in the office of a genetics counselor.  We had to make sure, before even considering bringing a life into this world, that we were not somehow carrying the tiniest chromosomal imperfection.

After an excruciating wait, we finally received our results.


Our genes passed every test, and we were ready and able (or so we thought) to pass this precious cargo on to our own little miraculous creation.

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